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Travel Nevada

Nevada’s always been a monument to exceptions, extremes, and the freedom to be a little bit—OK, a lotta bit—different. 


With its vibrant history and if-you-can-dream-it-do-it attitude, it's no wonder the Silver State allures creative personalities across every side of the spectrum.


Chances are, whatever kind of art pleases your "palette," you’ll find it in Nevada. 


From towns draped in murals to fine-art galleries, kinetic sculptures to oddball objects rising from the desert floor, you’ll find eye-catching, camera-hogging art coloring Nevada’s urban districts, small towns, and even natural spaces with endless shades of intrigue. 


Be a part of Nevada’s culture, from Broadway shows and big-ticket music festivals to traditional Basque celebrations and American Indian powwows. Inquiring minds required. Participation strongly encouraged.


Immerse yourself in Nevada’s stories—and you’re bound to make plenty of your own along the way.

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