31st  State - Entered the Union September 9, 1850

What is “California”? Gold? Celebrities? Surfing? Palm Trees? Road Trips? Technology? Rugged Natural Beauty? Wine? 

The answer is: All of the above! And so much more. In fact, California is anything you can dream or imagine!

Evolved from its counterculture roots, Berkeley is a hub of intellectual and cultural diversity, with a thriving arts scene and outsized culinary influence. 

2019 marks the sesquicentennial (150th!) of one of the most pivotal events and achievements in the history of the US, the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad.

Greater Ontario, Southern California’s inland experience and where big city sophistication, incredible shopping and hometown hospitality meet. 

Oxnard has a medley of museums. History buffs can enjoy a variety of museum experiences offering California art, maritime history and classic cars display.

Winchester Mystery House

An architectural wonder, a time capsule of a bygone era and one of
America’s most celebrated haunted mansions.