A National Historic Landmark, was built in 1847-48 for Pennsylvania native John McMurran and wife Mary Louisa Turner, a Natchez native. The Greek Revival house exhibits the form of the grand Natchez mansion: a brick bloc with hipped roof fronted by a three-bay giant-order portico and spanned at the rear by a giant-order colonnade. Melrose’s exceptional integrity includes original furnishings, formal gardens, a landscaped park, and full complement of original outbuildings, sic of which are arranged symmetrically and flank the rear courtyard behind the mansion. 

In 1865, Melrose became the property of George Malin Davis and wife Elizabeth Shrunk, whose descendants owned the house for over a century. John and Betty Callon acquired Melrose in 1976 and sold it intact to the National Park Service in 1990, which has academically restored the mansion, its interiors, and its significant collection of outbuildings.