The African American Museum of History and Culture contains exhibits from a number of Natchez related African American historic sites, important citizens and events. Other exhibits within the museum include: The Rhythm Nightclub fire, where over 200 African American Natchez citizens were either burned or trampled to death; Forks of the Road, which was the second largest slave market in the South; and some of the literary works of critically acclaimed author Richard Nathaniel Wright, a Natchez native. 

Adding the African American Museum of History and Culture to your trip itinerary will provide you with a look at another dimension of Natchez history that you won't get anywhere else. The museum showcases events starting with the incorporation of the City of Natchez in 1716 to the present, using art, photographs, manuscripts, artifacts, and books. Exhibits cover the era of slavery, the Civil War, Reconstruction, 20th Century wars and the Civil rights era.